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We promise it’s not as scary as it sounds! The results are always amazing and nothing beats that post treatment glow!

Skin Needling (also known as Collagen Induction Therapy) is an advanced, non-invasive clinical treatment. Basically, it involves penetrating the skin with tiny needles which creates tiny wounds in the skin. This controlled wound allows your skin to repair itself and make more collagen (collagen is like the scaffolding of the skin - it builds strength and structure) and elastin (elastin helps skin return to it’s original shape and position when stretched or pulled).

The products we use on your face during this treatment will penetrate quicker and deeper through these little micro wounds for an intense product infusion.

Skin Needling really is the holy grail of facial treatments as it can visibly improve the appearance of many skin conditions and skin concerns such as: - Acne Scarring/Scarring - Fine Lines + Wrinkles - Loose/Sagging Skin - Skin Texture (similar appearance to crepe paper - think party streamers) - Pore Size (small openings in the skin) - Pigmentation/Discolouration (freckles, dark spots, age spots) - Stretch Marks (yes, we can needle anywhere on the body!) Prior to beginning any of our advanced clinical treatments, a Skin Consultation is required. This will allow our therapists to take a series of photos of your skin to assess and diagnose any concerns or conditions. You will then be prescribed with a ‘baseline’ range of cosmeceuticals products (cosmeceuticals is a skin care range that is created by a Doctor and backed by research + science). We require our clients to have an established at home regime to ensure the skin is well prepared to avoid any adverse responses before performing any advanced treatment. This is a $75.00 appointment but is completely redeemable on Ultraceuticals products prescribed by your therapist.


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